“God Took Care of Them”: 5 Good Samaritans Rescue Couple from Burning Car

Five men saved an elderly couple from their burning car in the westbound lanes of Interstate 8 in Lakeside before the exit for Lake Jennings Park Road. 

According to Jeff Lucas, one of the men who helped, “It happened so fast, we just reacted immediately. There was someone needing our help, and there was no one there to help, so we are thinking ‘wow, this is going to explode soon,’ as the fire was near the gas tank”

Upon realizing the danger of the situation, the men from East County Transitional Living Center parked their cars on the median and went to save whoever was inside the car.

Inside it were couples Ken and Joan Williamson who were 92 and 90 years old. They were on vacation from Phoenix for Labor Day. Their car was hit from behind and somehow caught on fire without them knowing.

The sons of the couple, Steve and Mark Williamson, were very grateful for the men who risked their safety to save their parents.

Mark said, “Everyone who saw that video knows that if those people did not pull my parents out, we would not be having this discussion right now, so I can’t thank them enough. I just want them to know that they saved two absolutely beautiful people, and we would love to have information to thank him personally.”

When asked, why the men jumped to save the couple, Scott Andre said, “There was a time when like so many of us, I would not have, we would have kept driving, but because of programs like ECTLC, we are changing, and in that change, we are not just being selfish individuals, but we look out for others.”

Scott Andre, one of the rescuers said, “I am glad that they are okay and glad that God took care of them and hopefully they will be OK.” Of their buddies was at the same hospital for a burned arm.

For these men, they are welcoming change into their lives just as we are called to do. Ephesians 4:23-24 says, “…be made new in the attitude of your minds; and to put on the new self, created to be like God in true righteousness and holiness.”

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