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6-Year-Old Run over by Bulldozer, Mother Chronicles Miraculous Recovery: ‘God Is Good All the Time’

Bodie Boring was struck by a bulldozer on July 27 while he was on a construction site with his father. Bodie was admitted to the hospital with numerous wounds, including two bruised lungs, a fractured skull, a blood clot in his brain, and a brain bleed.

To add insult to injury, the boy was also diagnosed with Covid-19.

“All I could do was beg God not to take my baby,” Sam Boring, Bodie’s mother, posted on Facebook.

A day after the accident, Sam wrote in a post, “Bodie told me ‘Mommy, I knew when I saw that blade about to hit me that I was gonna die.’” It made her feel terrible and encouraged her family that the six-year-old boy would be okay. Samantha added in the same post that her son’s survival serves as evidence of God’s existence for those who do not believe in Him.

“Folks, I’m gonna tell you one thing… If you don’t believe in God, Bodie is proof right here. I know for a fact God had a hand in saving my baby. There is no other explanation as to why I’m not leaving this hospital without my baby other then God!! I’m still in shock. God is good all the time,” she said.

Source: Sam Boring’s Facebook Profile

People from all over the nation sent gifts, wrote supportive notes, and assured the family that they were praying for Bodie. Just four days after his accident, Samantha posted a video of Bodie using a walker to navigate a hospital hallway. She put a caption on the video saying, “You may be tough but you aren’t walking 5 days after getting run over by an 18,000 lb Bull Dozer tough. God is Good all the Time  #Bodietough #BodieStrong.”

“His spirit has been so positive this whole time. Even in his worse pain, he’s just been amazing. This is a miracle, and there’s only one explanation as to why he’s still here and I truly believe that that’s God,” wrote the grateful mother.

The following day, Sam posted another video. This time, Bodie was walking without any assistance. They also announced that they were cleared to go home the next day.

“Although it is scary with him still having the blood clot they said they will still monitor him closely with frequent follow ups & imaging so that gives me a little comfort,” she said. 

People have been supportive of Bodie’s recovery. They have constantly been sending prayers and even financial assistance to the family. Magen Boring, Bodie’s cousin, created a GoFundMe account to assist with Bodie’s medical costs. As of August 8, the campaign had raised $51,390 of its $60,000 target. “Above all, please continue lifting them up in prayer!!” Magen wrote

“He’s just also been really amazed to see everybody who cares about him and how many people are praying for him,” Magen said. “There are people in other states that this story has reached, and they’ve even said ‘we’ve heard about this and we’re praying’ and so that’s just been phenomenal.”

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