Lifestyle70-Year-Old Woman Trapped In A Car Miraculously Saved By Nephew

70-Year-Old Woman Trapped In A Car Miraculously Saved By Nephew

We always want to be safe all the time especially if we’re traveling but there comes a time that we meet an unexpected accident that will surely test our faith. During some tragedy, it’s not just our faith that is being tested but it also gets our body weak as we cry for help in order to survive. We need to be tough emotionally and pray steadfastly because God is watching us and for sure, He will send His angels to rescue us from danger.

A 70-year-old woman named Sharon Leaming met an accident that made her believe in miracles. She was traveling home when her car was trapped in a forest embarkment. She was missing for 2 days until finally her family especially her nephew Bob Stewart was already worried wondering that she did not pay a visit. Bob called for help to the law enforcement team to start an action of finding Sharon.

The ping from a cell phone tower gave them the first sign on where to locate the missing old lady. They search along the long road of the highway and there they saw some bushes that looked like it was recently disturbed. They were trying to look for at least Sharon’s phone and wish that they can find her car. Suddenly Bob hears a very small voice from the bushes at it seems like it’s crying for help. Sharon was so happy when she heard her nephew calling out her name. She gained confidence that somebody out there is about to save her from being trapped in the car. Watch the video below and check out how Bob found his missing aunt. In times of danger, prayer is the best way to escape something worst for with God, nothing is impossible!

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