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87-Year-Old Woman, with His Son and Chihuahua Saved from a Sinking Truck by Good Samaritans

87-years-old Mary Watkins, her son Larry and her Chihuahua were parked near a Marina in Long Beach, California when things got more complicated. Larry had undergone a foot surgery and now recovering with his medical boots on. Now, as they were parked, Larry’s medical boot got stuck in the vehicle’s gas pedal causing the red truck to lurch forward, smashing the guardrail and heading them straight into the water! It was quickly filled with water but thankfully, those brave bystanders quickly come to their rescue.

“The two guys came in the back window, and they got in and shove me out from the behind side,” Mary said laughingly as she recalled the incident.

“She was surprisingly calm with for the situation…She was even more concerned with her hair getting wet and her lipstick, and thankfully we were able to keep that dry for her,” says Jeff Perez who was one of those who helped lift the old lady out of the truck.

Everyone got out of the truck safely before it totally submerged, thanks to those good Samaritans who bravely went out of their way to those who badly need their help.

Long Beach Fire (CA) on Twitter

LBFD Lifeguard units responded to reports of a submerged vehicle just after 1pm today. LIfeguard and vessel assist personnel arrived and made water entry and extricated an elderly couple from the vehicle. Couple was treated on scene and released. Accident under investigation.

“I say, Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” was Mary’s message to everyone who helped them during the accident.

Those guys were surely the heroes of today. They might not wear a cape but they are willing to extend help in times of need.

Watch this heart-pounding video of how these good Samaritans pull out this 87-year- old granny, together with her son and pet chihuahua, who was trapped in a sinking car.

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