9 Firefighter Dads Had Babies at The Same Time with Adorable Photo Shoot to Celebrate

Here’s a very interesting story that has photos and images that would make you go “aww”.

The members of the Rancho Cucamonga Fire Protection District in Rancho Cucamonga, California, are not just buddies at work, they also share one thing in common: they all had their babies from March to July. All of them became fathers during those months which is why they had an epic photoshoot that showed how proud they were.

Credit: Rancho Cucamonga Fire District / Facebook

They posted the photos on their Facebook page with the caption, “Say hello to Rancho Cucamonga Fire’s newest little family members! Between March and July of this year, nine babies were born in the department, and we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to capture this special moment. We are thrilled to see our RCFD fire family keep growing!”

When they first found out, six said that they were having a baby. Then it grew to seven and then eventually, all nine firefighters were going to be dads. All of their wives became pregnant before the firefighters had to fight a wildfire in November of 2019. 

Credit: Inside Edition / YouTube

The babies consist of two boys and seven girls. It was easy to see why the photos were shared all over the Internet. The photos were taken by Lindsay Shook who was the mom of one of the adorable babies. Gabrielle Costello said she had no idea that the photos would go viral. “We just wanted to commemorate a special time and remember the moment,” Costello said.

The wives talked to one another about the photoshoot and agreed that all the babies should have matching clothes and had a firefighter theme. The babies were photographed in adorable firefighter onesies, and in one shot, they were all wearing their fathers’ fire jackets.

Regarding the timing of the birth months of the babies, the pregnancies were not planned to be that close. But as it happened, Costello said that it brought everyone closer together, referring to the wives of the firefighters as well. “We share tips and sleep schedules and all that kind of new mom stuff,” she added.

Of course, all mothers have a special relationship. However, because of their husbands’ jobs, firefighters’ wives face some challenges. As a result, having an additional support system can help new mothers cope better. “It’s nice to have friends who understand the firefighter lifestyle,” Costello said. Firefighters have 24-hour shifts and sometimes, during fire season, they can be gone for weeks.

This is why the photoshoot was something that new parents cherished. It was a time for them to celebrate their new family members as well as encourage each other.

Firefighters and other servicemen who put their lives on the line to protect us have a special favor from the Lord. This time, God gave them children they can look to for inspiration. As the Bible says that children are arrows in the hands of a warrior, God is showing these brave men that he will bless them. We must continue to pray for protection for these brave men so that they would be safe whenever they fight fire and keep our community safe.

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