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9-Year-Old Boy Fought Cancer And Lived Longer To See Baby Sister And Name Her

Some things happen without our expectation and these things gives us emotional effects. God allow things to happen for a reason that we do not know at times. His plan in our lives are the best and His will is always beneficial to us. God loves us so much that He will not allow bad things to happen to His children. There are things that may be painful to us but the moment we discover God’s reason for allowing it to happen, we will be enlightened and we will thank Him for His mercy.

Bailey Cooper is a 9-year-old boy who was really tough experiencing a roller coaster life. In 2016, he was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin Lymphoma which is a rare kind of cancer. The doctors already told his family that he will not live long because of his rare disease. Bailey fought his battle with a cancer because of his eagerness to see his baby sister being born in to the world and even wanted to give her a name.

God heard his prayer and granted his wish. He finally met his sister Millie and he was so happy. He spent his remaining days trying to take care of Millie, wash her and even sing for her. Bailey remained alive until Millie was born but when Christmas was about to come, his parents asked him if what does he want to receive as a present. He listed his Christmas wish and left a note that all of the toys that he asked will be given to his brother Riley. Bailey knew that he’s not gonna stay long in the world and he can feel that Jesus is about to bring him home to heaven. By 11:45 on Christmas Eve, Bailey waved goodbye to his family. It was a painful happening but his family knew that he died happy because he gets to see his baby sister. We do not know the right time that we’re leaving this world, we need to make sure that we are always prepared whenever death knocks on our door. Thank God for the opportunity of receiving life and seeing the beauty of His creation.

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