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There Son Was killed By Alligator, But They Say God Blessed Them 2 Years after the Incident

It was past 2 years when Matt and Melissa Graves had a family trip in Disney where they lost their son’s life. Who would have thought that a sorrowful incident will happen when in fact Disney brings joy to people? His parents had witnessed a shocking incident when an alligator dragged their son Lane into underwater. Matt, his father tried to exert full energy wrestling his son’s body trying to take it away from the said animal.

The little boy’s body was found the following day after hours of searching. After 2 years that the incident happened, the couple announced that they are still thankful and blessed with the gift of life. Their hearts are full of joy because they know that Lane is watching over his siblings. Lane is now their guardian angel and his memory will be forever in the hearts of people who love him the most. Disney World also made a gold and blue lighthouse sculpture near the Seven Seas Lagoon Beach in the loving memory of Lane and it has been constructed in his honor.

The family organized a group Lane Thomas Foundation dedicated to supporting families of children who need organ transplants. Lane’s lost could have been miserable and brought tears to the family but now, it serves as a light to people who needs help in order to survive. Reaching out to people by any means through Lane’s foundation is one way of giving importance to the greatest gift that we have received from God, our lives.

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