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A Couple’s Faith Keeps Baby Alive to Full Term Despite Doctor’s Repeated Recommendation to Abort

Leah and Judah Bucko were eagerly expecting their second child when a piece of devastating news fell on them. They were told by their doctor that the baby wouldn’t make it past 16 weeks because of excess fluid in Leah’s womb and that the only thing left for them to do was to abort their little angel.

But the couple had great hope. They wouldn’t give in to abortion easily. After two ultrasounds, the mysterious fluid in Leah’s womb disappeared.

Unfortunately, more bad news came to them. The baby boy was found to have a heart condition and a cyst on his brain. The doctor suggested terminating the pregnancy once again.

“We were again offered a termination but I didn’t want the baby to pass away in the womb and I made the choice to go to the end of my pregnancy,” said Leah.

Leah’s faith saw her through. Despite the doctor’s medical advice, she firmly believed in a miracle. She would never fail to tell that to her doctor every week at the appointment.

Lead and Judah named their little angel “Reuben”, which in Hebrew means “behold, a son.” Holding on to their faith, they made it to 37 weeks – the baby was officially at full term! Through a C-section, they were able to bring Reuben into the world.

Dubbed as a miracle baby, their little Reuben was alive and breathing. They got to hold their baby in their arms, defying the recommendations and suggestions of doctor that he should be aborted because he would not make it past 16 weeks. Baby Reuben was kept alive until now by their unfailing love and faith.

Reuben lived a short life due to his congenital heart condition. He has returned to heaven seven days after his birth. Though Leah and Judah had a heartbreak, they have never regretted to take on this bittersweet journey with their miracle baby.

Hope can give life. Now Leah is already pregnant with their third child. When she looks back, she always remembers the joy of carrying Reuben until the very end. A photo of her pregnancy while Reuben was in her womb would remind her of this joy forever.

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