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A Little Fella Turned Out To Be A Worship Leader, Whose Humor Makes Steve Harvey Laugh So Much

Serving God doesn’t require any qualifications. You can be poor in your possessions but rich in spirit. No matter what your situation in life is if God has chosen you to be His servant, follow His plan because for sure, he designed something that can give you a brighter future. He doesn’t look at your physical attributes as the Lord examines the heart of a faithful believer. A rich man can give $100 which can be 50% of the money inside his pocket but God would appreciate somebody who gives a single dollar that is supposed to be his entire meal for the day. Give your all to Jesus for He will grant abundance in your life.

Caleb Serrano is a young worship leader from Greensboro who loves Jesus so much. This cute little fella gave his whole heart to Jesus by leading the crowd in singing praise to Him. Everyone was amazed by his great talent by being a leader in such a very young age. He participated and had his appearance in Little Big Shots with Steve Harvey hosting. He stood confidently into the stage the studio audience couldn’t stop laughing during the entire show. Caleb is the son of Richard and Dalelah Serrano who’s always been attracted to gospel music. He attends church at Ebenezer Baptist and is very inclined to the music ministry. He was discovered after his friend posted a video of him singing.

No matter how young or how old you are if you have the heart of serving God, for sure He will be happy and proud of you as His child. Our status in life is not a basis of our faith but it is our heart that God is looking into. Watch the video below as Caleb showcases his gift of being a worship leader in Little Big Shots hosted by Steve Harvey! Be amazed by this cute little guy who chose to serve God in his own funny way.

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