Mark Biltz was about to step behind a bush – until a voice yelled, “DON’T GO BEHIND THAT BUSH!”
▶▶Decoding the Prophet Jeremiah by Mark Biltz [Book & CDs]:

Does Jeremiah hold the keys to our day?

Jeremiah was a prophet and Levitical priest whose fellow priests and prophets wanted him dead. Everyone wanted him dead—political leaders, neighbors, even his family.

In Jeremiah, Mark Biltz finds sobering parallels and encouragement for our day. Young Jeremiah was told to speak truth—regardless the outcome. In Decoding the Prophet Jeremiah you will discover:

✅ The warnings from Jeremiah’s day are for this generation!
✅ Even when betrayed by everyone, God will preserve you
✅ God keeps His covenant (He will never forsake you)

Mark says God is serious about wanting His sons and daughters free. In 7 Revelations for This Generation he asks pointed questions and also gives direct answers:

• Are you able to run with the horses? • God’s purpose for the coronavirus • Jeremiah’s links to the Book of Revelation • Consequences of any Middle East peace process • Our parallels to chaos in Jeremiah’s day • Cultural norms that led to the destruction of Jerusalem • Knowing God is with you

The God who lifted Jeremiah from the miry clay…also set his feet upon a rock! This is the season of great restoration for God’s people!

▶▶Decoding the Prophet Jeremiah by Mark Biltz [Book & CDs]:

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