LifestyleAbandoned Piano Played By Traffic Inspector Surprised People On The Street

Abandoned Piano Played By Traffic Inspector Surprised People On The Street

There are people who possessed spectacular talents that are hidden to others. It may because they are not confident enough to show others what they have or it’s just their preference not to boast about it. There are different types of personalities but one thing is for sure, each one of us is equal in the eyes of the Lord.

A brown wooden piano was abandoned and left on the street beside a slender tree. It looks old and it seems like it was left for a very long time. Nobody cared about this piano and it appears to be sad. A traffic inspector passed by the wooden piano across the street and started touching it with his fingers. Suddenly a beautiful tune came out of the piano when the inspector started to press the keys. The sound could be heard despite the loud noise of the cars passing by and the ambulance who is in a rush.

The traffic warden turned out to be a professional pianist named Dr. Brendan Kavanagh. He’s best known as Dr. K who is fond of playing piano and uploads his video on Youtube. The spectacular song is entitled Boogie Woogie which is a famous song in the late 1920s. This music genre originated from Texas and is used to accompany singers in a small group performance. It’s upbeat style and perky tone is enjoyed by the listeners. Watch Dr. K as he plays the abandoned piano along the street in the middle of a misty rain.

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