LifestylePeopleAdorable Baby Has Super-Emotional Reaction To Andrea Bocelli Singing to Elmo

Adorable Baby Has Super-Emotional Reaction To Andrea Bocelli Singing to Elmo

Numerous studies have highlighted the manifold benefits of listening to classical music, including stress relief and cognitive advantages. Experiencing the beauty of opera music is a simple way to relax, and this was vividly demonstrated by a baby named Abriel.

When Abriel heard classical music featuring his beloved Muppet character, he became completely absorbed, transported to his own delightful world. The emotional journey unfolding in his mind was swiftly mirrored on his innocent face.

As Abriel’s mother, Anna Feldman, prepared him for sleep, she noticed his captivating response to Andrea Bocelli’s voice. Together, the mother-son duo watched an episode of “Sesame Street” featuring the renowned opera singer performing a lullaby for Elmo.

Unable to contain her awe, Anna captured these precious moments and shared them online with her friends. In a matter of seconds, Abriel’s face traversed an array of emotions.

His expressive brown eyes welled up with tears as he observed his cherished characters on the television screen. Yet, his face would instantly transform into the most adorable smile upon hearing Elmo’s voice.

However, when Bocelli began to sing the timeless melody “Time to Say Goodnight,” the baby’s expression shifted to one of concern. His quivering lower lip hinted at a potential outpouring of tears. This touching display illustrated the sensitivity that would accompany Abriel as he grew older.

In just a brief interlude, Abriel exemplified the profound impact of music on our emotions. His innocent reactions serve as a reminder of the universal language that music speaks, even to the youngest among us.

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