Adorable Baby Imitates Dad by Flexing Muscles in Front of Mirror

At just 8 months old, baby Hadley is already displaying remarkable resilience. A viral video captures the pint-sized powerhouse flexing her tiny arms in front of a bathroom mirror alongside her father.

While Hadley’s arms may not be muscular, they exude undeniable cuteness. Encouraged by her father, she gleefully strikes poses and belts out a miniature bodybuilder roar, adding a spirited “huuuuuurh!” to the display.

The heartwarming routine not only showcases Hadley’s adorable antics but also provides her dad with an unexpected abdominal workout from laughter.

As the video concludes, the cheerful father declares, “I think we’re done!” – a testament to the joy and playfulness shared between this dynamic father-daughter duo.

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