LifestyleAdorable Baby Squishing And Giggling While Mom Sings The Little Mermaid Song

Adorable Baby Squishing And Giggling While Mom Sings The Little Mermaid Song

Appreciate every blessing that you have received from the Creator. Whether it’s big or small, He is always worthy of our praise. Sometimes we complain about life, having nothing at all. We tend to compare ourselves to what other people possess but have you ever thought of your family as your greatest wealth? A family is a precious gift from God. They’re something who doesn’t change as time goes time, they’re somebody who can’t be stolen from us and that the memories that we share with them will never last.

This cute little baby is a valuable treasure her mom has received from the Lord. She brings joy and fun to her parents and she is always being taken cared of by her mom. Her mother sings various songs to this sweet little baby and it seems like she already got her favorite melody. Mommy sang the famous soundtrack of The Little Mermaid and she loved it so much just as her reaction shows. She was listening attentively and her eyes were fixed towards mommy. She was laughing and putting her fingers on her mouth. She giggles as if she knows exactly what the lyrics say.

This tiny little creature brings good vibes and nice feeling to everyone who has watched her video captured by mommy. She’s really a great testimony that God has given people blessings that can’t be bought my money. Let’s be contented of what we have and treasure every moment spent with our family.

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