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Alabama Man Survived Flu Symptoms Induced Coma, Doctors Were Astonished Of A Witnessed Miracle

Things happen the least that we expect and most of the time, the worst strikes when we are unprepared. God sends trials in life to strengthen our faith and build our relationship with Him. We are pre-occupied with a lot of things without giving time to Him and only remember calling His name if we are in trouble. Sometimes the hardships that we encounter are intentionally given by God to teach us a lesson in life. They can result in a positive outcome and could leave an important message to us.

Adam York did not receive flu shots and didn’t easily get sick but one day he was infected by flu. He was rushed to the hospital and his situation got worst. He even celebrated last Christmas with his family right before he got infected with flu symptoms. Later he was on life support and the doctors informed his family that there would be no way for him to recover. He had viral pneumonia wherein his lungs were filled by fluid and none of the doctor’s treatment works to lessen what he feels at that very moment.

His wife Felicia stayed on his hospital bed and prayed all day long as her husband was about to pass. She did not give up on her faith and praying was the best thing that she could do at that particular time. The doctors were going back and forth trying to monitor Adam and were surprised when he recovered shortly! The doctors could not believe on what they have witnessed but told Adam and Felicia that it was truly a great miracle for him to survive.

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