Amanda Singing For Her Best friend Who Passed Away Encourages So Many People

Losing someone we love is a heartbreaking moment in one’s life. We cry and drown ourselves with sadness thinking that their days on earth is over and that we will not gonna have a chance to see them again. The earth is a temporary place for us to live in, focus on God’s plan for He has prepared a paradise for His children.

Life after death is meaningful only if you knew Christ in your life. Accepting the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior will grant you peace of mind even after death. God has prepared a paradise for His children. A place where pain and sadness have no room. A place full of love and happiness wherein you don’t need to worry about what tomorrow may bring.

Heaven is a way different from earth. When we die with Jesus in our life, He will soon be coming back for us and give us the best life that we could ever imagine. Death with Christ should not be treated as a miserable event in life. This should be the start of a celebration for we are about to face our Almighty Father and He will take good care of everything we need. No hard work, struggles, sufferings, and pain when we reach the paradise that the Lord has prepared.

Amanda’s best friend passed away and she cried for her with this song hoping to see her in paradise again···