Andrea Bocelli Performs Holy Night with Son Matteo Bocelli in Stunning Christmas Video

In the past five years, Matteo Bocelli has been steadily establishing himself as a remarkable singer, clearly inheriting his father’s talent.

At 26 years old, Matteo unveiled his debut album this fall, following last year’s collaboration on the A Family Christmas record alongside his 11-year-old sister, Virginia Bocelli.

Teaming up with the Christian TV series “The Chosen,” the Italian duo delivered a powerful rendition of “Holy Night.”

The breathtaking music video was set atop a mountain at sunset, featuring father and son in elegant black tie attire as they harmonized the iconic Christmas carol.

Andrea Bocelli’s admirers flooded the comments section with praise for the duo in response to the stunning footage.

One fan expressed, “I am in awe of Maestro Andrea and son Matteo. Such a beautiful performance. Wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas. For those grieving the loss of loved ones, my prayers and strength are with you. Thank you immensely. Warm regards.”

Another fan added, “Andrea Bocelli is my absolute favorite singer; his voice sends shivers down my spine. Truly, he seems destined to spread God’s love throughout the world.”

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