MissionAsbury Revival Now Going for 11 Days Straight as People Travel Thousands...

Asbury Revival Now Going for 11 Days Straight as People Travel Thousands of Miles to Join

WILMORE, Kentucky – The revival at Asbury University is now in its 11th day as thousands of people continue to make the spiritual pilgrimage to this town in hopes of encountering more of God.

The revival is now officially in overflow mode with the line of people to get inside stretching nearly a half mile long. Many people from all over the country who were waiting patiently to get into Hughes Auditorium here at Asbury.

Andrew Hager of Lexington, Kentucky said, “God is here! God is here and He’s working right now, come and get you some, you hear me.”

Redeemed Jessica said, “The Spirit of the Lord fell so thick and overcame me and my voice cracked- LOUDLY and it was so humbling but again, no one cared. I stood there with arms stretched to my creator, the Lord of Heaven’s Armies. With tears streaming down my face, I felt as though I was taken up into His arms. I wasn’t sleeping, but I definitely wasn’t aware of what was going on around me. I almost fell over once but caught myself and was right back to being in His arms.”

Jason Vickers said, “In the time that I was there, I could not get over certain distinctive qualities about the atmosphere. The words that came to mind were: gentle, sweet, peaceful, serene, tender, still. Some people were singing. Others were talking. Many were praying. But there was something like a blessed stillness permeating the place. No one was swinging from the chandeliers. In fact, it was right the opposite. What made this so wild was just how un-wild the whole thing was … is.”

Zach Bennard said, “THOUSANDS of people from all over the world are flooding this little town. Why? Because God is moving. You want to know the main conversations I heard today from people who went? They were hungry for God. They weren’t experiencing God in a corporate setting in their local church. They had personal prayer lives. But they LONGED to be in a room with other like minded people who were hungry for Jesus.”

“And let me tell you this: Being in that auditorium today with 1600 people seeking Jesus was absolutely breathtaking. There was ZERO HYPE. It was raw presence. There was no “God’s man of power for the hour,” there was no outstanding musicians or eloquent preachers. BUT Jesus was the main attraction.”

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