LifestyleBaby Only Eats Green Beans For Daddy, Their Secret Will Amaze You!

Baby Only Eats Green Beans For Daddy, Their Secret Will Amaze You!

What is your favorite vegetable?. Is it carrots, beans, broccoli….? Vegetable, of any kind, has many nutrients. We need to eat vegetables in order to have a strong healthy body. All of us know this fact and from time immemorial to now, our parents have admonished us to eat our vegetables. As adults, we have come to terms to eating vegetables and we even like it but for children, eating vegetables is a big no, no.

So how do parents encourage their kids to eat greens? One way is to sing! to make eating vegetables in a fun way. This video successfully shows a dad feeding veggie to his kid spoon after spoon while singing about the beans and his son likes the combination. His kid thinks that it is a perfect match!.

Everyone knows the difficulty involved in making children eat their veggies. Thus, congratulation is in order because this dad is able to make a difficult task easy just by crooning a vegetable song. The truth is, it is the passion of parents for their child’s welfare that makes them act funny or nice or weird just to get their children eating well. It is also for this reason that there are so many recipes for children’s food. Parents would do anything so that their children would do well in every area of their life. Watch and have fun in a rare video of a baby eating greens well….

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