Billy Graham’s Daughter Anne Graham Lotz Still Firmly Trusts God’s Plan Even Facing Cancer

Trust in the Lord with all your heart for He will never fail you. Your faith in Him determines how you trust Jesus in any aspect of life. There are times that we doubt His power to answer our prayers, but always remember that God cares for His children. We cannot predict what will happen in the next chapter of our lives but as long as God is by our side, we are always in good hands. His gentleness and mercy are rewarded to those who believe.

Anne Graham Lotz is an American Protestant Evangelist who is a believer and has a firm foundation of faith. She is the founder of Angel Ministries and the author of 11 books. She became well known with “Just Give Me Jesus” that she also wrote. She accepted her Christianity at an early age of eight after watching The King of Kings film that changed her whole life. Later she got married to Daniel Lotz and had a family of their own.

In early September, Lotz announced that she was diagnosed with breast cancer and that she needs to undergo surgery in order for the cancer cells to be removed before it totally spread. After the surgery, she told everyone everything went well and that she already got rid of the cancer cells. Later on, she was shocked when the surgeon showed her the pathology result. The result was not what she’s been praying for. A trace of cancer was found on her lymph nodes and according to the surgeon, she needs to have a follow-up treatment.

In today’s generation, we easily give up and worry about the things that are about to happen. Blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord for the confidence is in Him. God is a shield to everyone who puts their trust to Him. Stop worrying! God sees your heart and works in mysterious ways.

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