Boy Sings Awe-inspiring ‘Les Miserables’ Cover with The Voice of An Angel

Cormac Thompson’s voice is nothing short of jaw-dropping. In a collared shirt and headphones, the young soprano delivers a passionate and controlled performance into a studio microphone.

His rendition of a song from Les Miserables is emotional and captivating. It’s a “charity cover,” with profits going to support the organization, Acting For Others. This group provides financial and emotional support to theater workers, who have been hit especially hard during the pandemic.

Described on his website as “an extraordinary talent with a beautiful voice to inspire hope in our world,” Cormac has a special heart for other performers. He wants to give back to the people who have been such a special part of his life.

Cormac’s exceptional cover has surpassed his charity goal, and he invites his fans to donate. He has other videos of his beautiful music available on YouTube and his website. Cormac is an inspiration to all, and his incredible talent will leave you spellbound.