After Beating Manning’s Record, Brees Gave Such An Inspiring Message to His Children!

Hard work is a choice whether you want to give your best shot and be rewarded at the end of the day or you can also be mediocre. Everything that we have in life depends on the efforts. Nothing is being given for free but we need to work hard and earn it. God has given us the strength to work on something that He planned us to achieve.

Drew Brees is an American football quarterback for the New Orlean Saints of the National Football League. Brees ranks first for most consecutive NFL games (54) with a touchdown pass. His incredible performance impressed millions of fans but they were most surprised by Brees’ message to his children. After a record-breaking game, a reporter asked Brees about what he told his children that night. Brees responded the exact words with a smile on his face.

“Which is you can accomplish anything in life you’re willing to work for. Nothing’s given, everything’s earned. God has equipped us for great works.”

Watch the video below and feel the emotions of a father’s tearful but powerful message to his children.

Brees is a man of faith and a good example to others. He’s already on a pace to break Peyton Manning’s touchdown record. Manning made a video to congratulate him that caught the attention of the crowd because of its humor. He made the video while slicing tomatoes preparing wedge salad for his family.

Watch the video below and listen to the humorous yet serious message of Manning to a man who broke his record.

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