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Brian Welch Shocks Rock-n-Roll World Admitting He is Second – Jesus is First

Brian Welch, the lead guitarist of the rock band Korn, tells all on how he came to know a fulfilling life through Christ. He talks about tasting life at a different level through the power of Jesus. He confessed that, the best part of his life didn’t begin when he became famous. Instead, his best years came as he admitted that Christ is number one and he is just a second. Wealth and fame at a young age made him to succumb to drug abuse and alcoholism. So, at a time of desperation Brian came to God asking to be changed. He entrusted his life to the hands of The Almighty and God never let him down. His life of fame became much more famous and he got to live out life to the utmost.

These days, Brian lives a wonderful life as a successful parent, singer, guitarist, writer as well as a life coach speaker. He is a rock star at peace in a chaotic world. His battle cry in every concert is that everyone can have a victorious, successful and full of love life through Jesus. He enjoins anyone to give their life to God, to entrust all the issues of life to Jesus for God is able to turn any situation around. Watch the video below as Brian makes us enter into his inner sanctum…

Brian Welch – Second Edition

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