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Bride in A Wheelchair Makes Groom’s Jaw Drop When She Walks Down The Aisle at Their Wedding

It is every woman’s dream to someday walk down the aisle to the man of her dreams. But 29-year-old Chelsie Hill’s life took a massive turn when on February 21, 2010, an accident changed her life forever.

She was a senior in high school at a party with her friends. When it was time for her to go home, she ran out to the first car she saw. Her friend who will drive the car was holding a red cup and she thought nothing of it, Chelsie said he doesn’t look drunk whatsoever so she trusted him and allowed him to drive.

Credit: The Film Poets / YouTube

Little did she know that will be the biggest mistake of her life. They were having a good time and even dancing to the music when they hit the side of the curb and hit a tree head-on. Chelsie doesn’t remember much of what happened next except the different emotions she felt during that time and the helicopter noise she heard that rescued them from the accident.

It took her two weeks before she finally realized that she will not be able to walk anymore. Chelsie initially thought it was just her medication from her 7 1/2 back surgery but when her doctor came in and asked if there is anything she would like to ask, she used that opportunity to know two things – one is if she can still have babies and second is why she can’t feel her legs. That’s when she found out she was now a T10 Paraplegic.

Credit: The Film Poets / YouTube

Although it truly is traumatic for Chelsie, she still managed to be optimistic and think of all the positive things there are in life. But there is one thing that worries her and that is the fact that she won’t be able to walk down the aisle and look into the love of her life eye to eye.

Fast-forward to her life, she met the man that is destined for her. On their wedding day, she surprised him by walking down the aisle with the help of her leg braces and her walker. Chelsie’s husband, 34-year-old Jay Bloomfield reaction says it all.

Watch the video below to see the amazing ceremony that Jay and Chelsie shared together.

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