Bully Tells 3-Year-Old If He Had A Kid With Ginger Hair “He’d Kill It”, Heartbroken Mom Askes Internet Support

“I ask you all to please share this and show my boy how beautiful he is.”

This is what a mother said on her blog post after seeing her child be bullied on the bus because he was a little different than the rest.

Lauren Gilbert with her son. | Source

Lauren Gilbert, like any other mother, has her heart broken when her son is bullied. As bullying is the irrational hate for something so simple, her son was bullied because he had red hair.

Lauren said in a blog, she knows that it wasn’t the first nor will it be the last time her son would have to feel small.

The bully told him that social services should have taken him because of the color of his hair. The boy then turned to a friend and said that if he would have a child with ginger hair, he would immediately kill it. 

What was devastating was when her son who was barely three at the time of the incident was confused why he was being singled out by bullies. Lauren said that he hasn’t stopped asking why people don’t like his hair.

One day, the little boy asked if his mom can change his hair color like his brother so that people will stop bullying him, maybe even like him.

Lauren wrote on the blog, “I can feel my heart breaking every time he asks me. My little boy looks so sad and I want to make it better. The reason I am trying to go public with this is because I know these cruel bullies are in the minority.”

She continued, “I want to show my little boy that there is more good in this world than bad. There are kind and caring non judgemental people who won’t ever single him out.”

I ask you all to please share this and show my boy how beautiful he is. I want to show him the good in this world with the power of Facebook. It isn’t okay to bully somebody for their hair colour, not now. Not ever. Thank you.

God created everything according to His wisdom and power. No one has the right to look down on what He has declared “good.” Share with your friends and comment with your love and prayer to stand against all kinds of bullying.

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