Cancer Survivor Celebrates Birthday By Giving Thousands Of Toys To Children’s Hospital

Weston Newswanger from Pennsylvania wanted to give back to the hospital that helped take care of him when he was diagnosed with cancer in 2016. So for his birthday, instead of thinking about himself, he decided to donate his birthday toys to the hospital.

The 5-year-old boy was treated for rhabdomyosarcoma, cancer that affects the soft tissues, such as the muscles, that can affect a child from birth to throughout childhood. He received care and treatment at Penn State Children’s Hospital and has been cancer-free for two years.

“The power of prayer is an amazing thing, got us through cancer,” Weston’s mom Amy told CBN.

To show his gratitude to the hospital, Weston asked his mother for “playdough and dinosaurs to give to the children at the hospital.” He wanted to celebrate his birthday in a special way by making other kids happy. So Amy took to Facebook to ask for help in making her son’s birthday wish come true.

Strangers pooled in their support and sent the boy boxes filled with toys. Amy said Weston always got excited every time a package arrived since he knew it would add to his collection for the hospital.

The family was able to collect thousands of toys which were then given to Penn State Children’s Hospital on Oct. 1. Pediatric health care professionals with Child Life even donated over 3,000 containers of Play-doh. Weston couldn’t have been happier to see all the toys and know that they would make so many other children happy.

On his GoFundMe page, the family never wavered in their hope that Weston would come out of his cancer. They continuously prayed for God’s healing power and which He miraculously granted in September, the same month when Weston turned five and when it was also cancer awareness month.

“We have been blessed with great family and friends who have come along side us and have helped us through this storm in our lives. We know that with God as the master physician anything is possible. We just ask for continued prayers as we go through this journey,” the family wrote.

Truly, God’s saving grace and healing powers worked through Weston and the boy expressed his gratitude in a big special way by touching the hearts of many other children suffering through illnesses. Amy said this is just the beginning for her young son and that “God has plans for him, big ones. He isn’t done with him.”

Boy’s toy drive collects nearly 1,200 toys for kids at Children’s Hospital

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