Carrie Underwood Performs ‘Mary, Did You Know?’ from Her “My Gift” Album Live

Singer-songwriter Mark Lowery devoted almost seven years to refining the lyrics of ‘Mary, Did You Know?’ The genesis of the song occurred while he was crafting a Christmas program for Jerry Falwell in 1984. Contemplating what he would ask Mary if she were present, Mark formulated the questions that eventually evolved into the song’s poignant lyrics.

In 1991, with the lyrics finalized, Mark enlisted the help of his friend and fellow musician, Buddy Greene, to compose the music complementing his words. Remarkably, it took only 30 minutes for Buddy to create the now-iconic music for ‘Mary, Did You Know?’

In 2020, Carrie showcased her musical prowess with the release of her first full-length Christmas album, My Gift. Today, she mesmerizes audiences with a powerful rendition of the timeless Christmas song ‘Mary, Did You Know?’ Just listen as she delivers these words of awe and wonder in homage to our King.

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