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Cashier Suggested Little Girl Replace the Doll for Its Different Race But She Refused It In Such Words!

Parents love their children so much that they don’t want them to learn bad things in life. They want their kids to be equipped all the time which is the main reason for training them at a very young age. Parents want the best for their children. They wanted their children to see the beauty of life from a positive point of view. Parents would always teach their children to practice good manners and treat everyone with respect.

Nick and Brandi Benner promised their daughter Sophia to receive a surprise after being potty trained for a month. Sophia was eyeing for a doll as a reward and she successfully finished a month to poop on the toilet. The day finally came and Sophia was so excited to get her new toy. But when they proceed to the checkout counter, the cashier asked her if was she attending a birthday party. The cashier was maybe thinking that the little girl bought a doll to give as a birthday gift. She even asked Sophia if she was sure of getting the doll that she picked. The young girl replied “Yes please!” but the cashier was puzzled and told Sophia that it doesn’t look like her. She told the little girl that they have plenty of dolls that look like her, suggesting for her to replace it.

Brandi got her point and it hit her last nerve. She didn’t like the message that the cashier was trying to teach to her child but Sophia gave out a sweet response. “She’s a doctor like I’m a doctor and I’m pretty and she’s a pretty girl. See her pretty hair? And see her stethoscope?”

Brandi posted the exchange of conversation on Facebook and it went viral. She was disappointed with how a stranger could afford to teach a young girl about looking at people’s differences especially the race.

We were all made by God equal and we all have equal rights to live in this world. If you want people to respect you and treat you right, then you need to do the same thing as well. Remember the golden rule of doing unto others those things that you want others to do unto you.

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