Casting Crown’s New Song “Praise You In This Storm” Sing Truly Heart to God in Difficulties

At times our faith will be tested by troubles that come along the way. It gets weaken every time a hardship is about to break us. Everyone fights their own battle, one’s problem could be different from another.

Casting Crowns is a contemporary Christian band that started in 1999 by Mark Hall who is a youth pastor. The Christian rock band has released a lot of songs that were enjoyed by their fans and supporters. They are the only American band that was invited to North Korea to attend the 2009 Spring Friendship Arts Festival which was held in Pyongyang. Now they released a new song “Praise You In This Storm” which is spectacular. This is exactly the song that people should hear every time they get disappointed with things happening around them.

The message of the songs talks about God being there for us all the time and that we need to hold on to His promises. Be strong in the Lord for He is the only answer to the world today. His power is above all powers. Hold His hand as you take every step of the way. Storms may try to ruin your faith and the best option to survive is to believe in God. Don’t ever doubt His plans, follow His will and you will surely be blessed.

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