Chance the Rapper Says Kanye West Inspires People To ‘Shout Praise’ with His Gospel-Themed Music

Christian rapper and music artist Chance the Rapper commended Kanye West for what he is doing for the Christian community and outside. He said his fellow musician is doing something “important” in the name of God.

Chance said what West is doing is encouraging people to praise God through his Gospel-centered music. His latest “Jesus Is King” album is made for praising and worshipping Him. This is why Chance believes what West is doing is “more important.”

“It’s slightly more important because it’s doing what we’re supposed to do, shouting praise. Seeing Kanye get all these people together reveal these songs of worship that have been around forever to people who may not know them,” Chance said during a guest appearance on Sean Evans’ “Hot Ones” YouTube series.

“Greatest Artist That God Has Ever Created”.

47.1k Likes, 1,874 Comments – Kanye West (@kanyew.est) on Instagram: “”Greatest Artist That God Has Ever Created”.”

He added that West is doing something important, something “that’s supposed to be happening right now.” Chance called it “dope” that his fellow rapper is bringing people together in praise and worship through his Sunday Service and through his music.

Chance has been vocal about his own Christian faith and often talks about how his faith helped his family and his career. He credited God for all his successes and he talks about his faith through his music. So Evans asked him what he thinks about the 2017 Vice article titled, “It’s Tough to Be a Chance the Rapper Fan When You’re Not a Christian,” where author Lawrence Burney called his “constant invocation of God” as “jarring.”

“Maybe that’s true, but does it sound like it makes sense? No,” Chance replied.

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Chance is not afraid to speak about his faith in public and even in his music. His track “Light Up The Sky” and his album “The Big Day” talks about his love for God and the Christian community. He is one with the Christian musicians in the industry and even joined West in one of his Sunday Service events in Chicago in September.

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