Christian Comedian Hilariously Shares 17 Ways on How Christians Say 'NO'

Christian Comedian Hilariously Shares 17 Ways on How Christians Say ‘NO’

This is so hilariously true! Watch as John Crist, a Christian comedian,  shares 17 ways of how Christians say ‘NO’. I can’t help but laugh out loud because this is so true! 

You probably heard someone says ‘no’ in one of these ways or you are probably someone who recently used it to turn down a date! Either way, the reality is, as Christians, we oftentimes ‘over-spiritualize’ things. We oftentimes want to sound ‘Christian’ in talking to other people, believers or not. Whether it’s turning down a pizza date, turning down a new assignment, or whatever it is that you want or need to say ‘no’ to, we oftentimes want to sound ‘Christian’ for us to look more Christian. This is funny but this is definitely the reality! 

If you come to think of it, there’s really nothing wrong with this because in the first place, as Christians we ought to reflect God’s image in our lives, which definitely includes our actions and our words. However, the motives of the heart really matter a lot! Why do you want to say ‘no’ in the first place? Did the Holy Spirit really prompt you to say ‘no’ or you just don’t feel like doing it? When you say ‘I’ll pray about it’ do you really pray about it? Oftentimes than not, we don’t! Reality is we just want to get out of the situation!

There is no need to over-spiritualize things. It doesn’t make you less of a Christian of you plainly say ‘no’ and it doesn’t make you more of a Christian if you say ‘I’m in a season of new wineskins.’

 Just say NO! John Crist, with so much humor, has opened our eyes to this reality. This is worth the watch!

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