Church Cross Left Standing in the Mass Destruction of Tornadoes in Kentucky Reminds People The Gospel Will Remain for Eternity

God has many ways of letting people know that He is the source of hope at all times. This is especially true with what happened in the aftermath of the deadly tornadoes that ravaged America in the past week.

The lighted cross of the FIrst Baptist Mayfield was left standing amidst the rubble from the destruction caused by the tornado. It is a sure sign that God will see everyone through this tragedy.

Even though the glass windows were broken, there’s debris everywhere, and the ceiling is almost gone, the cross in front of the church is still standing.

Church member, Barry Fowler, said “It’s amazing to me that in that education building across the street, that cross that we put in the windows is still there, and the window’s gone. Everything else is gone [but] the cross still stands.”

This is a testament of how God draws people to him. In the uncertainties of such tragedy, there is no one else to hold on to or to cling to other than God because He is the source of all hope, joy, and peace.

Even with the damages to the building, the church still gathered together on Sunday to worship. Pastor Wes Fowler said, “In the middle of the storm, there is only one place where we really have peace. And that’s when we place our faith and our trust in Jesus.”

In a social media post, he asked for prayers for all churches in Mayfield and told people to reach out to those in need if they can. “The Lord is kind. He will see us through this tragic situation. And, I believe the Lord will somehow use this difficult time for His glory,” Pastor Fowler said.

People stand outside First Baptist Church of Mayfield in Mayfield, Kentucky.

When the tornado hit, Pastor Fowler and his staff members were in the church building. “We could hear it getting worse, power went out. We heard and saw the ceiling tiles in the tunnel violently shaking up and down, falling out. The tunnel filled with debris and dirt. There was a cloud of smoke in the tunnel. It was a very, very scary situation,” he said.

There was a moment of fear and they were unsure if they would survive. The tornado lasted for about a minute but it seemed a lot longer while it was happening.

After the tornado, the pastor put out a tweet saying, “Most of the structures in Mayfield are damaged, and many have crumbled to the ground, but the Gospel will remain for eternity.” 

We are called to preach the Good News of the salvation of Jesus Christ to all. This is the message of freedom from sin and the right relationship with God. From these, God will bring forth in us hope amidst hardship and challenges because we have a blessed assurance that no matter what happens, He will never leave us nor forsake us.

The cross is a symbol and a reminder that even though everything seems bleak and it is hard to look up, God can still turn things around and will provide for those who trust in Him.

Continue to pray for everyone affected by the tornadoes. Pray that they seek God and find hope in Him.

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