Church Leader, Father of 2, Shot in Head While Preaching Gospel

A outreach director from Phoenix in Arizona, Hans Schmidt, was reportedly shot in the head while preaching on a street corner. Pastor Gary Marsh of Victory Chapel First Phoenix addressed the congregation, urging them to unite in prayer for Schmidt, who remained in serious condition.

During the prayer session at the start of the Sunday service, Pastor Marsh requested divine intervention, asking for comfort, healing, and a quick recovery for Schmidt and his wife, Zulya. The congregation was implored to believe in a miracle for Hans, whose life had been unexpectedly disrupted by the horrifying event.

Expressing the gravity of the situation, Pastor Marsh emphasized the need for God to intervene, acknowledging the profound impact the incident had on many lives. The community was urged to come together in support during this challenging time.

Hans Schmidt, a 26-year-old father of two, was initially taken to the hospital on assault but was later found to have sustained a gunshot wound through a CT scan. Despite some movement, the extent of voluntary action remained uncertain, and physicians initiated measures such as intubation and draining fluid from his brain.

In the vicinity of the shooting incident, Paul Sanchez, a local worker, recounted to AZ Family that individuals passing by Hans Schmidt during his preaching sessions would often scream and utter curses at him.

Sanchez described a tumultuous atmosphere with a range of negative comments, including hostile remarks urging Schmidt to leave the street. Reflecting on the situation, Sanchez expressed disbelief that the confrontations escalated to the extent they did.

The incident unfolded in Glendale, Arizona, prompting authorities to investigate the shooting after an initial report of assault. Officer Gina Winn from the Glendale Police Department termed the event as a “horrible, horrible offense” and appealed to the community for any information related to the incident.

Zulya, Schmidt’s wife, shared a photo of her husband on Friday along with an encouraging message of hope, expressing love and urging him to keep fighting. The congregation was asked to continue fervently praying for Schmidt’s recovery and for the well-being of his family during this challenging period.

Gofundme: Help Hans Schmidt’s family in their time of need

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