Officers Respond to Call on Elderly Woman “Ice-Cold to The Touch” without Food in Sweetest Way

According to Officer Marquis Hines of the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office in Houston, they are “not always about running and gunning catching bad guys.” 

This is what happened when they responded to a 911 call regarding an old lady going around alone in their neighborhood.

The officers passed by her house, and what she told them gave the men the impression that, despite her fragile condition, she had been all but abandoned by her family.

“Changing lives one smile at a time.” – Officer Marquis Hines | Source

According to her neighbors, she forgets a lot of things including where she lives. Sometimes, they would allow her to come inside their homes to get warm until she can go home again.

The officers felt compassion for the elderly woman which is why they left her a bag of groceries and food that would last up to two weeks.

Hines started a Facebook fundraiser for Ms. Tina. With 345 donations, it surpassed its $10,000 goal, ensuring she had food and clothing.

But there was a public uproar about how Ms. Tina’s sons left her.

In a separate Facebook post, Officer Hines clarified that her sons were caring for her up to when she had dementia. He wanted to clarify that it was not the entire case and after speaking with them, all he had for their family was respect.

The money that was put together will be used to care for the elderly woman. 

Hines is very grateful for all the people who have been kind and generous enough to offer financial support for the Ms. Tina.

The cops went out of their way to help the elderly lady. This is a great example that must be emulated. The Bible tells us to care for one another as much as we can and show kindness to those who are ageing. It is stories like this that remind us to be grateful for neighbors who surround not only us but also our family members.

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