Corey Voss Declares The Good News In His Special Acoustic Rendition “I Got Saved”

Love has a lot of definition people can give and it has various types. Whatever kind of love it is, nothing can overpower the sacrificial love that Jesus gave us. It is the sweetest love of all, an unconditional love that a Father gave to His children. His love is never ending and is forgiving. It is indeed the greatest love of all.

Corey Voss is a Northwest Indiana native but is now a Tennessee-based worship leader and a songwriter who never regret giving his heart to the Lord. He serves as a worship and creative arts Pastor in Gateway Church, Shelbyville. Corey offered his life to Jesus and started serving in His ministry at a very young age. He has written a lot of gospel songs that inspired the lives of many.

Now Corey is back with a special acoustic rendition of his song “I Got Saved” which talks about salvation after accepting Jesus in your life. God sent his only Son into the world to die at the cross of Calvary as clearly stated in the Holy Scriptures. The precious blood of Jesus washed away the sins of the world and set us free from the enemy. Watch Corey’s video below and listen to the song “I Got Saved”. Reflect on the message of the song and examine yourself. Have you received the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior?

Corey Voss – I Got Saved (Official Acoustic Video)
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