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Couple Finds Puppy with No Ears Crying On Doorstep And There’s A $5K Reward To Find The Monster

Dogs are man’s best friend so it is heartbreaking to see some evil human being hurt dogs for no reason at all.

Kaylee Doonkeen and her husband heard a 3-month-old puppy crying in their yard in the middle of a Wednesday night before Thanksgiving.

They were shocked to find that its ears were folded back. Upon closer inspection, the condition of the retriever mix was worst when they saw that the puppy’s ears were cut off.

Credit: KOCO 5 News YouTube Screenshot

The Doonkeens immediately called Animal Welfare for its team to immediately treat the open wound of Rocky – the name they gave to the puppy. Under the welfare workers’ care, Rocky would not get any infections. The Animal Welfare Superintendent Jon Gary said Rocky would be fine. Their veterinarian said the puppy would not have ears anymore but could still hear. The fur would just grow over the open wound.

Gary said they often received numerous cases of animal cruelty in Oklahoma City but Rocky’s mutilation case was unique. He said it was unbelievable that someone would deliberately cut off the entire ear of an adorable puppy.

Despite the horrific thing that happened, Rocky remained playful, friendly and trusting like a normal pup.

There had been efforts to track down Rocky’s abuser. Gary requested the public to call Animal Welfare at 405-297-3117 for any information on the animal abuser. The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) also helped with $5,000 to fund the search. A man from Oklahoma, Matt Niksch also vowed to help track Rocky’s abuser. He gave out $1,000 to reward the person for the lead on Rocky’s abuser.

“There’s definitely a link between animal cruelty, and domestic violence and domestic abuse,” Gary said. “And, so, this is a bigger picture than people realize, and it’s really important that we do our jobs to try and determine who may have done this.”

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