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Dance Teacher Shows Up to Class Hours After Losing Home in California Fire, Which Inspired Students Did This to Help!

Natural Calamities come in life without giving us a warning. It ends up taking the lives of people as well as everything that they possess. It is indeed a despair if you happen to be one of the victims of these calamities. It would be normal for the victims to lose hope and would be discouraged to continue fighting in order to live. Are you prepared when these things come along your way? Will you be strong enough to rise after you fall?

Reesa Partida is a dance instructor from Southern California who encountered a great battle in life. She and her husband are one of the victims of the raging fire that took a lot from people in Southern California. She left home without anything left to bring and she knew she would not be coming back. The dance room where Reesa’s students tended to practice had turned to be her refuge now. She got nowhere to go but what’s good about her fighting spirit is that regardless of what happened, she still continues fighting and doing her daily routines. Reesa showed up in her dance class as nothing happened at all. She danced together with her students the same day after evacuating.

Reesa’s students appreciate what she did and in return, they also wanted to help their loving teacher. So they came up to a plan of raising money through a Go Fund Me page. They set a goal of $5000 and it was going well so they decided to make it higher which is $15,000. So far the students raised over $10,000 and Reesa was overwhelmed by what they did to help. She was not expecting this to happen and her emotions were an outpouring. The love of her students and the entire community molded Reesa to be a stronger version of herself. This only shows that despite the calamities that the world brings, God will still continue to use people as an instrument to help us cope up in life.

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