Dead Baby Came Back To Life After Mum Begged To Cuddle Him For A Few Last Moments

As her newborn son was handed to her, he was dying. All she wanted to do was tell him how much she loved him and hold him tight. But as she was holding her son in her arms, a miracle happened. Doctors and everyone who has heard this story were shocked.

Kate and David Ogg are from Mooloolaba in Queensland, Australia. They were trying for a long time to have a baby, but they were having a difficult time conceiving. After three years of trying, Kate finally became pregnant with twins. They couldn’t be happier than when they found out they were having a boy and girl, until six months into the pregnancy.

Kate went into labor when she was only 26 weeks pregnant. There was no stopping the birth, but it was too early to deliver. She was immediately brought to the hospital, and delivered her twins shortly after. Two minutes after her baby boy was born, she gave birth to his sister. That’s when she realized something was wrong…

The love from a Mother and Father along with the grace of God are such powerful things!

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