Deaf Dancer Made Everyone Stand Upon Seeing His Performance In The Greatest Dancer Auditions

We were born with talents that can serve as a key to give us a brighter future. These gifts are bestowed by God to men and we need to use it for the glory of God. We knew a lot of artists in different aspect and we have seen how they nurtured the gift that was given to them by God. Each one of us was born as unique individuals. You might feel envious about what others have as a gift but come to realize that you also have a skill that others don’t have. God created people in equilibrium. Everything is balanced and like we always hear, one can’t have everything that he or she wants.

Chris Fonseca followed his dream and decided to join The Greatest Dancer auditions. It is possible for a person to have a great skill in dancing and show others groovy steps to impress, but Chris’ case is totally different! When Chris was just 23 months old, he lost his hearing because of meningitis. Meningitis is an acute inflammation of the membrane which covers the brain and the spinal cord. Despite of his condition, he still decided to follow his heart and pursued his dancing career.

Chris is unable to hear the music but he is still able to dance in his own sound and rhythm. The judges were impressed with his performance and he left everyone in standing ovation. Chris was able to impress the audience despite him being deaf. He was given the chance to move to the next round and everyone is excited to see what more he can do. Watch the video below and be amazed by Chris’ groovy steps. This guy is truly amazing and blessed by God!

Deaf dancer Chris Fonseca feels the music – The Greatest Dancer | Auditions
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