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Derek Clark Made Song for A 15-Year-Old Homeless, Life Seems Meaningless but Listen To What He Told In The Song

Often times we think that life is unfair when get to meet struggles in life. We were all created individually unique by the love of Christ no matter what our status in life is. The Lord has prepared a better plan for all of us and only if we abide in His words, we will surely be fine. Hardships are meant to make us stronger and build a firm foundation of faith. Trust in His plan and you will never go wrong all the way!

Derek Clark met a homeless man and that very moment, God is speaking to Him. God wants him to talk to the homeless man and he will be used as an instrument of hope by God. The man started telling his story to Derek that he escaped foster care where he started to use drugs, addicted to alcohol and even killed somebody. The homeless man has experienced the worst things in life more than you can imagine. But Derek told him one powerful statement. A single phrase that can change the man’s entire life and give him hope to continue fighting, “I’ll pray for you”. Oh, how sweet to hear that kind of words from a stranger who just met you. God truly works in ways that our naked eyes couldn’t see.

Derek composed a song about his interaction with the homeless man. The song is so inspiring and heart melting as you hear the story of the homeless man’s life. Listen to the song and don’t forget to grab your tissue before hitting the play button! Be inspired and be an instrument of hope to someone who needs help.

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