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Determined Parents Have a Big Heart for Children, Fostered 14 Kids by God’s Grace

A normal woman would always dream of being a mother. A mother who would love to take care of the needs of her kid. A mother with responsibilities at home that she needs to attend. Nobody can replace the happiness of having kids of your own and raising them well.

Sara Cozad is way different from any other girls. She was just a teen when she had the calling of being a foster parent. This is all she ever dreamed of because she wants to help families who are not capable of raising their kids.

Several years later she met her husband Stuart and decided to start their mission. Stuart asked Sara what she wants in life and Sara told him about her dream as a foster parent. Stuart was so supportive as a husband and they finally went on a training being foster parents.

Now the couple has their license and were very excited about building their family. She was just 23 years old when they had their first son Michael. He’s a 3-year-old boy, the first son that they fostered. At first, it was just over the weekend then it turned to weeks, months and finally years.

Michael was a perfect fit for the couple but when they finally met his brother Dayshawn, they were nervous. Too much happiness was seen to Michael’s face when he saw his brother and their relationship was so tight as siblings. Sara and Stuart thought that the boys could not live without each other so they finally decided to welcome Dayshawn to their family and fostered him too.

The day came that they already planned on the adoption process and it was successful. But Sara has a big heart to the needy was thinking of fostering some other children. She’s trying to reach the fulfillment of having her dreams come true. Though she has the fear of being close to children that they will be fostering and at the later part they still need to come home to their real families. But this process continued and she gets used to it. The Cozad couple had fostered 14 children with teens and Sara’s young age didn’t affect her being a mother.

God calls us to be somebody we never thought we would be. We may sometimes think that it is impossible for us to be what we are now but always remember that what you have right now or whatever profession that you have achieved is in accordance to God’s plan.

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