Doctor Who Almost Died From Ebola Will Bring His Family Back to Africa for Mission


Dr. Kent Brantly (Photo: Roslan & Campion Public Relations)

Dr. Kent Brantly, a Christian doctor who was serving on a medical mission in Liberia, contracted the Ebola virus and nearly died. However, despite his ordeal, he still expressed his intention to return to Africa and continue his work. Not only that, he will be bringing his wife and two kids, and they would carry out God’s mission as a family.

While many may not understand how a father who almost lost his life to a deadly disease, would still choose to go back to the very place where he contracted the illness and bring along his whole family, Dr. Brantly has only one explanation.

The Christian doctor revealed that he knew God had opened the doors for them every step of the way. He and his family have prayed and fasted, seeking guidance on the planned return to Africa. The good doctor narrated how God had given him the grace to respond the way he did when he first received his diagnosis back in 2014. Instead of wallowing in self-pity, Brantly used the time to reflect and meditate on God’s goodness until he was fully healed.

Now, his faith has moved him and his family to show the world that the Ebola epidemic should be confronted with compassion and not with fear. Yes, he would be exposing himself and his family to the deadly virus, and yet his faith in God is stronger than the fear that the virus brings.

“We’re trusting that God has opened the doors and he’ll pave the way,” the faithful doctor stated. “If there’s running, heated water, we’ll be fine,” he added.

According to the Christian Post, Dr. Kent Brantly was serving with the evangelical relief organization in Monrovia when he contracted Ebola hemorrhagic fever. That was in July of 2014. The doctor was given ZMapp, an experimental drug, and was flown again to the United States. At Atlanta’s Emory University Hospital, he underwent three weeks of intensive treatment.

With their mission, Dr. Brantly, along with his wife and two kids, will continue to bring God’s love to areas where hope may have already been lost.

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