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Dog Left Alone By Family Without Food Waiting for Masters until These Kind People Appeared!

When bad times strike, we usually lose hope to recover and bounce back. We easily get frustrated with how things happen in our lives without thinking of possible actions to make it better. Love and care are part of the basic needs of people and we often seek for these things. We are fortunate enough to have our family who is always there by our side to comfort us.

Larry is a sweet yellow Labrador who was left behind by his family. He was alone since his family moved to a far place. Dogs doesn’t give up on their families and Larry stayed on the location where he was left. He hid in a parking lot of a landscaping business within the area. Just like the human, Larry didn’t know what to do without his family but still, he was hopeful that they would be coming back. Larry didn’t have any idea if how long he’s gonna survive, he needed love and care from the people that used to take care of him.

One delivery driver saw Larry on the area several times and he noticed that the dog was in deep sorrow and hunger so he thought of doing something for the sweet little dog. He made an Instagram account and posted Larry’s photo asking for help. Thankfully, Sasha Abelson who is the President of Love Leo Rescue spotted the post regarding Larry and offered help right away. Sasha and her local volunteers took the dog and prepared a home for him. They also let him undergo a series of examination to make sure that his health is stable after being left alone with no food to eat.

In times of being desperate and left alone in life, somebody is always there to rescue us. Our family and close friends can leave us during hard times but one thing is for sure, God will remain faithful in our lives and He might use other people as an instrument to help us. God’s love is constant and it is the only permanent thing in this world.

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