Dr. Chauncey Prays In A New Language From God Brought Life Out Of Death!

They say miracles need faith for it to happen. Once you believe in something, the higher the possibility for it to come true. God has exhibited a lot of miracles which is enough to prove that there is nobody in this world who is greater than Him. It is Him alone who can do such things because of His mighty power.

Dr. Chauncey Crandall had an interview with Sid Roth about his supernatural experience. Such incident that he encountered was truly an amazing miracle. A woman was brought to the operating room dying and everyone is in a rush to save her life. Nurses were closely paying attention to Dr. Crandall as they perform the operation.

At the middle of the operation, the woman experienced flatline wherein her heartbeat stopped as a sign that she is already dead. Something strange happened to Dr. Crandall at this very moment that all he did is raised his both arms over the woman’s body and he started to say a prayer using an unusual language. He was speaking tongues, speaking God’s language unconsciously. He said that something just pushed him to do that and the language that he was speaking bypassed his brain that he was not able to control. After praying, the woman’s heartbeat came back and the woman was able to survive. A dead person miraculously came back to life!

Jesus is awesome and great is His power. God gave the woman another life and she was able to survive. He used Dr. Crandall as an instrument to bring the woman back to life according to His plan. Other people may not believe in miracles but only until you have a firm foundation of faith, all this are possible to God. Truly God is good and faithful in our lives. His love endures forever.

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