Dream Comes True For Keith Urban Fanatic Dropping By Her Hospital Bed

Death comes in the middle of the night that nobody knows when it will happen exactly. Everyone seems to be scared when in fact we shouldn’t. He who is within us is greater than he who is in this world. The enemy is even scared of Jesus which is the main reason why he attacks Him through His children. Everyone aims to make their dreams come true before life on earth is over. It is such a satisfaction to reach your goals just before you lose your life. We were only given a single chance to live and we better live it right.

Marissa English is a 25-year-old girl who is a Keith Urban fanatic. She just loves Keith’s music so much that it is her biggest dream to meet the artist face to face. Marissa has suffered a lot since she was born in this world. She was born with cerebral palsy, suffered severe scoliosis which gave her too much pain. What’s even worse is it was found out that she has cysts on her brain. Having this condition is difficult, you might lose hope to do everything that you want and chances are limited that you would still be successful in reaching your goals in life. Marissa has planned to watch Keith Urban’s concert securing her ticket as she really wants to meet her idol and see him performing on stage. Keith is about to have a concert in Toledo, Ohio where several people are excited to be there for sure.

At that time, Marissa was admitted to the hospital and her condition has got worst than ever. She’s slowly sinking and she also knows that she’s not gonna make it to the concert. Kind nurses were attending her needs and they pity the little girl’s situation. Marissa’s nurses posted a message on social media to catch the attention of Keith Urban. They requested Keith to visit his big fan at the hospital as she’s dying. Keith is very generous and he loves his fans so much. He values the love and support of his fans and that he can’t say no to this simple request. He surprised Marissa at her hospital bed and everything was amazing! Watch the video below to witness a heartwarming visit of Keith Urban to his lovely fan!

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