Elderly Couple Crying Out Of Loneliness Comforted by Police with Cooked Spaghetti

It truly is heartbreaking to see the world crumble down because of people full of hatred and sadness in their hearts.

Elderly couple Michele, 94, and Jole, 84, were watching the news on TV one night. Michele couldn’t handle hearing the reports about crimes and abuse that she let out and cried. She wailed loud enough for her neighbors to hear. Alarmed, they called the police thinking the couple was in danger and needed help.

The police arrived and found them unharmed. In a post, the officers said the couple was not scammed or robbed but something had to be done.

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Credit: Questura di Roma Facebook

The police officers learned the real reason why Michele and Jole were crying. The couples felt so isolated because they had not had any visitors for a very long time. No loved ones checked on them. Their close friends moved away, and the city they were living in was quiet as most people were on vacation. They felt forgotten.

Upon hearing their sentiments, police officers Andrea, Alessandro, Ernesto, and Mirko, decided to stay for a while. They spent time with the couple and cooked them a delicious spaghetti with cheese and butter. It was a simple pasta dish made special with the most important ingredient – humanity.

This is one instance where the police officers did more – they listened with their hearts to help heal the couple’s loneliness.

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Credit: Questura di Roma Facebook

Another story of faith in humanity restored. Please share with your friends and family to spread the good news around.

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