Elderly Couple Tears Up The Dance Floor with Boogie Woogie Moves

They say that age is just a number and two lovely couples from Germany proves to us that they are never too old to show us they still have some grooves.

Nellia and Dietmar Ehrentraut have been dancing for several decades but their ages is not a hindrance for them to show the world how awesome they are at dancing.

The Ehrentrauts attended Rock That Swing Ball in April 2020 in vintage attire and smiling faces. They surprised the fans with their dance routine that includes a lot of hip movement. The couple definitely put the youngsters to shame.

Their video, posted on the official Youtube channel of Rock That Swing Ball, was viewed 10 million times. People took in to the comment section how amazed and inspired they are of the couple.

Credit: RockThatSwing Youtube Screenshot

“Wonderful. They have a lot of energy at their age. I love to see seniors stay active. It surely makes a difference.One viewer wrote.

Another one wrote, “When everyone in the audience is smiling watching you, you know you’re great entertainers. Well done, especially Nellia who just looks like she’s loving every second of this.

“Totally adore this couple. What rhythm, what grace. A joy to watch. I hope they never hang up their dancing shoes.” Said another viewer.

Both of the Ehrentrauts look so happy to be out on the dance floor again. They definitely motivated a lot of viewers – young and young at hearts to keep dancing and to keep their love in dancing alive.

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