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Emotional Moment: Blind Man Can See Wife and Son’s Faces for The First Time

Gene Purdie was diagnosed with Stargardt’s disease at the age of 16. This rare genetic eye disease affects certain parts of the field of vision, leaving Purdie legally blind. However, despite losing a significant amount of his vision, Purdie has been able to live a normal life. He married his wife, Joy, and they had a son, Lincoln.

In 2015, Joy wrote to the “Rachael Ray” show to ask for help showing her husband their growing family. Ray was partnering with eSight, a company that provides futuristic technology for people with vision impairment. Joy had seen an episode where the show helped a woman with Stargardt’s disease see her sisters smile for the first time in years.

Purdie had never been able to experience the joy of seeing his wife’s face or his son’s expressions due to his condition. But everything changed when he was invited to the “Rachel Ray” show and given a pair of new experimental glasses. For the first time as an adult, Purdie was able to truly see the world around him, and the first thing he saw was his wife and son.

Overcome with emotion, Purdie exclaimed, “Oh, she’s pretty!” as he saw Joy for the first time. Joy broke down in tears, finally knowing that her husband could see her. Thanks to technology and the help of the “Rachael Ray” show, this heartwarming moment brought a family together.

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