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Video Shows the Amazing Journey Fertilized Egg Grows to Be Baby In Mother’s Womb, An Incredible Miracle Of God!

Who would have thought that a woman can carry another human being in her womb? A mother’s first responsibility is taking care of her child before giving birth. Nine months of carrying a fetus inside the womb are not just a joke but a bigger obligation. A mother could experience a lot of changes and dramas during pregnancy. Hormonal imbalances, mood swings, increased body temperature, and food cravings are just normal signs of pregnancy and that is just the start of a bigger responsibility.

It all started with two single cells which came from a man and a woman where life is formed. Conception takes place and everything begins to develop and mature. Several weeks until it is fully grown with complete body organs transforming into a normal human being. Science can explain how a person is delivered through pregnancy but it is by God’s power that life is bestowed to men.

Fetal development inside a mother’s womb is just one of the many miracles that God has shown to people. It is indeed an amazing process that the development of a baby has a perfect timing. The works of the Lord is truly a masterpiece that no man on earth can ever do. Pregnancy is just a preparation for a mother to teach her child in the way he should go. Introduce the Lord Jesus Christ and let them know that they are the imprints of God’s masterpiece.

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