Florida Georgia Line Invites Chris Tomlin On Stage, Turning a Concert to a Sanctuary

Famous country duo Florida Georgia Lines turned their Atlanta concert into a place of worship when they invited Christian worship singer Chris Tomlin on stage. The trio moved the audience to their feet in praising God and His mighty works.

Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelly looked back at one of the turning points in their lives during their Atlanta, Georgia concert early this month. Before becoming sought-after artists that they are now today, the two men were members of their campus worship group. It was there they met in 2008.

Through their Christian faith and the church, they discovered their love of music. So on their concert, they acknowledged the importance of God in their lives and did what they have wanted to do for a long time now.

“We get to do something we’ve been looking forward to a long time now. We’ve never done this before.”

To make the night even more special, the duo talked about meeting one of their “heroes,” someone whose songs they sang in church. They expressed their gratitude to God that not only did He allow them to meet Tomlin but He also bridged a friendship and a brotherhood. They eventually ended up making music together. So their concert is extra special because Tomlin is there with them.

“This is probably one of the coolest moments for us. Truly a full circle God-thing. I mean God’s been moving in our life, in our community, and in our industry and we just want to do something special tonight and bring out one of our good buddies, Mr. Chris Tomlin.”


Tomlin and Floria Georgia Line performed a touching version of “How Great Thou Art” and “How Great Is Our God.” The audience sang along, waved their hands in the air, and cheered. It was truly a moving and amazing worship and a memorable experience for Tomlin, who took to Twitter to express how he is still in awe at what happened.

Singing praises to glorify God brings a community of Christian believers together. It unifies them and bonds them as children of God. When it comes to worshipping the Lord, there is no prerequisite on where it should happen. It can be at church, on the street, or at a concert, and Florida Georgia Lines duo clearly knows how to share Christian faith with fans.

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